He is known as Sidcastic on the Youtube platform, and as the vocal companion of more than ten thousands people, through his podcast  : “Podcastic”. In this week’s portrait, two different aspects of this character have been portrayed. One that is external, portrayed by few members of the Sidcastic community. And one that is internal, portrayed by Sidali El-Mohri, the creator of the character himself, answering one question : Who is Sidcastic?

Sidcastic, the entertainer

“What i find captivating about this character, is the vocabulary he uses to express a form of humour. It is not rehearsed, it is quite genuine and spontaneous. Once he is in front of the camera, something happens, and that character emerges on the surface, sharing with the audience a certain amount of knowledge, with an entertaining touch. A merch was launched out of the expressions he uses, that’s fun! ”  Y.H

Sidcastic, The storyteller

“ What i really like about his videos, is that i can do something else, like working on computer while listening to him at the same time.” Boudia Abdelrahman

Alongside the visuals, there is this notion of storytelling used to explain a book or an article, it captivates the audience’s attention, and they’re active in their way of consuming what they’re watching.

 Sidcastic, the reviewer

“ He has a very clear way of explaining.” Feriel.B

“ I believe that he initially studied Psychology, it would be really interesting of him, to make a long serie of videos tackling this, combined with his particular way of approaching things. I also think that he is an active listener, he could get an idea for a video, simply from a conversation he had with someone.”


Every review of every book, that is shared in a form of a video, is particular to him. He is very honest about the fact that his reviews are not academic. 

One simple devise : he shares books that seem to be interesting according to him, without necessarily interfering in the way you see the book, as a part of the audience, which is individual and proper to each.

Sidcastic, The charismatic!

“ I see that he has the charisma of a great journalist, who hosts a great show followed by millions of people. I really appreciate his effort in sharing knowledge with us.” T.Douibi

Sidcastic, behind the scene

If you had to describe what Sidcastic is, in few words, what would you say?

Sidcastic is a character. As I enjoy learning and sharing what I learn with others, this character was created to do exactly that; sharing what I learn with others. So it appears on YouTube discussing a certain book, and you find him on Podcastic, having conversations with different individuals. Sidcastic is part of my learning journey. Learning through creating type of thing. 

What was/is the most enjoyable part in creating Sidcastic?

I would say the creation itself. It is fulfilling to create something from scratch, and you deliver it. I came to realize that a content creator is an experience creator. Creating that experience (or at least attempting to) has been very exciting. But the most enjoyable part, specifically, has always been editing! I enjoy quite much editing because I feel like it is then when a story is really told. You set the rhythm. You set the expectation. And you withhold or reveal an information. I love it!

Based on which criterias do you choose the books that appear in the youtube channel?

I choose the books that I find interesting. That is why it is subjective book reviews rather than objective. Sometimes it would not even be about the whole book but just an interesting idea I got from a book.

Other than the sidcastic youtube channel, there is Podcastic, which is an extended audio form of Sidcastic, why did you choose to go for a podcast?

Yes! There is. 

At a point of time in my life, I started consuming podcasts and it was “a life-changing experience”. Suddenly I found myself looking forward to my next ride, my next waiting-line, my next walk. That is because I had a podcast to listen to.

From one hand I found the audio medium extremely useful and entertaining, and from the other hand I was deep into digital content creation (aka communicating my thoughts and feelings through digital mediums). So it was clear for me to launch my podcast. What I could do on the audio medium (and not anywhere else) is that in podcasts, you can have long-format conversations. You can dig deeper into topics. You can take your time to get to the bottom of things. 

I started experimenting slowly with podcasts. First I launched a 9 episodes podcast simplifying concepts in Psychology. Then Podcastic was officially launched. I had conversations with 20 different individuals in different domains. While I enjoyed the conversations and felt that they were valuable to me on the personal level, I was glad that the audience in general and Sidcastic community in specific found them relatively entertaining and useful too.

So I continued experimenting with different formats and models. I am quite excited.

 Sidcastic or Podcastic?

Sidcastic is a character.

Podcastic is a Podcast.

Sidcastic hosts Podcastic

I am Sidcastic by the way. Hi!

The format has recently changed on the youtube channel, it went from visual story telling format, to sitting on a desk sort of talk show format, has the podcast interfered in/influenced this transition?

I would not say that it has changed. In fact, what is happening currently is that I am experimenting with different models. Audio visual storytelling has been very fulfilling. Yet, to tell a story audio visually you need tons of creative energy in developing the model and then actually executing it. I need time and space to be able to properly tell a story audio visually. And within the current circumstances, that is not possible. So for the moment it is a talk show format which happens to be fun and interesting in its own way! 

And I would not say that Podcastic influenced the transition. They are different mediums. In fact, Podcastic helped me understand and differentiate better between the two mediums.

Podcastic has reached 111k listens according to Anchor. When you first started the podcast, did you expect that enthusiastic response to it?

I did not have a specific expectation about it. But I had a good feeling. 

I am grateful for everyone who enjoyed listening to Podcastic, hoping that it will keeping evolving! #Podcastic

There’s another component to Sidcastic, which is the community, they are given the space to express themselves, whether on the Facebook group or Discord. What is that thing they’ve found particularly  in this space they didn’t find else where?

Oh, for that you need to ask them!

I sometimes ask the same question too.

Do you see yourself as an influencer? If so, in which way do you think you’re influencing people in the sidcastic community?

Yes, I see myself as an influencer though it is not what I necessary would want to be. 

If you watch a video of a person talking about a certain idea for twenty minutes, you are certainly being influenced, regardless of what you think of what you are watching. Even more if you listen to a 2 hour podcast. I do not know how exactly I am influencing people in Sidcastic community because the influence is different form a person to a person. It is about the person being influenced more than the person influencing. But I hope good stuff, right? I mean books and all

Sidcastic was launched three years ago. How do you see it and the podcast in three years?

I have no idea!

Same as three years ago, I had no idea what Sidcastic could become.

But I have a good feeling about it!

This last question is for every person who gets to watch your content, what does  “Zanjar » mean?

Zanjar, as far I could understand :D, means.. just do it?  

Zenjar? Zenjar

Something like this

Who worked with you behind the scenes in the early days of Sidcastic?

Oh there have been quite a few. My dear friends, Kais, Ali, Ahmed, Jad. They did not work with me specifically behind the actual scenes, yet their impact on me was significant, and I got to learn quite much from them about storytelling, cinema, and art. That inspired Sidcastic greatly.

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